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Student leadership

At Caloundra, student leadership is an integral part of student operations in Years 5 and 6 providing the opportunity to recognise model students and develop leadership abilities.

Our aim is to raise the leadership profile and expand the leadership paradigm to more students at Caloundra to increase our leadership capacity and focus students in more year levels on maintaining high levels of achievement and behaviour.

We believe that if effectively implemented, a strong student leadership program has the potential to positively affect student attendance, behaviour and in-turn learning outcomes.

To achieve this, the leadership program:

  • is actively managed by a staff coordinator and the Student Council
  • has a significant and meaningful responsibility and rewards structure
  • is actively supported by all members of the Caloundra community
  • is available to students in Years 5-6

Caloundra leadership program

The function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers. (Ralph Nader)

Levels of student leadership 

               1.    Student Leader – Years 5 - 6

               2.    Sports Captains and Vice-Captains – Year 6

               3.    Cultural Captain and Vice-Captain – Year 6

               4.    Student Council – Year 6 (comprised of the School Captains

                    and Vice Captains, Cultural Captain and Vice-Captain and 6-8 elected


               5.    School Captains and Vice Captains – Year 6