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Our school

In 1898, a few parents from Caloundra approached the Department of Public Instruction to establish a new school. They had sufficient children and were able to provide a school room. Initially this was a room in the lighthouse keeper's house. The Department agreed to recognize the school and provide a teacher. The School Register shows that the nine original students were enrolled on 8th March, 1899.

The first Head Teacher was Clara Lukin who served until the end of 1900.The curriculum taught to these early pupils was based around the 3-R’s. Additional subjects such as drill (physical exercise) and singing were sometimes added, but were heavily dependent on the abilities and inclination of the teacher.

On 14 July 1906, some seven years after the commencement of the school, a community meeting, to nominate a committee for the school, was held in the school room. That meeting unanimously elected Messrs King, Edlundh, Hawkins, Leach and Edward Frank Dingle, father of then current Head Teacher Miss Dingle, as members.

These five immediately held the inaugural meeting of the school committee. These pioneers began with a small vision. They wanted an education for their children. They worked and sacrificed towards that goal.

Their spirit has carried on. Throughout the century the school has been supported by a robust community - parents, business leaders, organizations, other volunteers and the pupils themselves.

It has been the united power of the Caloundra community that has been instrumental in maintaining the strength and integrity of Caloundra State Primary School.